Mental Health Day: ECT therapy is more effective in severe depression, affordable, and has better results.

Mental Health
What should be done for severe depression?

Mental health is also a priority of the present times and related disorders are also a big challenge. The past few years have seen a sharp jump in psychiatric cases, especially since the coronavirus pandemic has seen a huge spike in the graph of mental health problems. Health experts also say that due to the kind of environment created due to this epidemic, and the way the circumstances arising out of it have affected the mood of the people, its figures are expected to increase even more in the coming years. Doctors say that keeping this danger in mind, people of all ages need to pay special attention to mental health. Ignoring its symptoms can lead to major problems.

Every year on 10 October to make people aware about the increasing mental health problems globally and to reduce this increasing threat.World Mental Health Day is celebrated. In this article, we will learn about the panacea therapy that psychiatrists believe to be the most effective in treating mood conditions like severe depression and suicidal thoughts.However, the unfortunate thing is that there are many myths in the minds of people regarding this therapy, due to which this effective therapy is being removed from the treatment procedures over time. Let us understand this in further detail.

Learn about electroconvulsive therapy

The most effective treatment method being talked about for the treatment of serious mental health problems is ECT therapy. ECT, or electroconvulsive therapy, has long been used as an effective treatment for severe depression and bipolar disorder. During ECT, electrical stimulation is given to the patient’s brain with anesthesia. Experts say that it is so effective in some patients that symptoms of severe depression have been seen to reduce completely in just a session or two.Although there are many types of fears and myths in the minds of people regarding ECT, let us understand about it with an expert.


What do psychiatrists say?

Dr. said that ECT is highly effective in providing quick relief to people suffering from severe depression and suicidal thoughts.

Clinical evidence suggests that people with severe depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia may find early and long-term relief from ECT. The benefit from ECT has also been observed in patients with catatonia. In catatonia, the patient can become very agitated and cause serious harm to himself.

patients suffering from severe depression or suicidal thoughts require prompt treatment, and cannot wait until the effects of medicines or other therapy, in such cases relief can be found quickly from ECT. could. People who have attempted suicide are more likely to try again, this risk can also be reduced through this therapy. However, it is regrettable that there are many types of myths and fears in the minds of people about ECT, which need to be dispelled.

Why are there fears about ECT?

There is a huge stigma in the society regarding mental health problems, This stigma can also be attributed to the decline in the use of effective treatment modalities such as ECT. In ECT, electrical stimulation is increased in the patient’s brain with the help of special devices. This therapy has been portrayed so badly in the movies that it has made people afraid of this effective therapy, while the reality is completely different.

The way it is shown in the movies that ECT is very painful, the patient groans, people hold him, in reality there is nothing like that. Such delusion causes people to shy away from effective therapies like ECT. It is very important to know about its process and effects.

How is ECT given?

Unlike what is portrayed in the movies, ECT is a procedure performed under the supervision of trained specialists under anesthesia of the patient, with a very low level of feeling. Before ECT treatment, the patient is examined at several levels. During the treatment, the patient is given general anesthesia. Muscle relaxants and electrodes are placed on the scalp, through which the patient’s brain is stimulated. Controlled, trained professionals deliver shock by means of electrical pulses, which increase the stimulation of the brain.

Most importantly during this procedure the patient is in an unconscious state and wakes up after 5-10 minutes. After the completion of therapy, he feels like a light surgery, the patient is also sent home after a few hours. This is a completely safe process.


Dr said, like any medical procedure, ECT can also have some risks. In this, the patient may feel short-term memory problems and difficulty in learning-decision making. In most cases, these problems go away on their own in some time. The most common side effects of ECT on the day of treatment include nausea, headache, fatigue, confusion, which resolve within a few hours.

This therapy is cheaper than other treatment means
ECT is effective and inexpensive as compared to other forms of psychiatric treatment. While it is absolutely free in government institutions like Ihbas, it costs less than other therapies in private institutions. ECT therapy has been considered highly effective in the treatment of problems such as severe mania, depression. There is a need to increase awareness among people about this so that not only can the patient get effective treatment but also his medical expenses can be reduced.

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Mental Health Day: ECT therapy is more effective in severe depression, affordable, and has better results.

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