High cholesterol: Bad cholesterol increases rapidly in the blood of these 5 types of people, can also cause heart attack

High_cholesterolBAD cholesterol: In today’s time, people have to face the problem of high cholesterol at an early age. The reason for increasing cholesterol levels in the body is your lifestyle and not doing any physical activity at all. Due to increased cholesterol level in the body, problems like heart attack, heart failure and stroke have to be faced. In some people the chances of getting all these diseases are very high.

Many types of health problems have to be faced due to high cholesterol. Due to the increase in cholesterol levels in the body, fat starts accumulating in the blood cells, due to which the blood flow to the heart is greatly reduced or stopped. Due to this the risk of heart disease, artery disease, and stroke increases significantly. So if you want to keep your heart healthy and avoid dangerous diseases, then it is important that you keep your cholesterol level under control.

Cholesterol is a wax-like substance found in the veins of the blood. Cholesterol is produced in your liver but sometimes it is also formed due to the food you eat. So if you want to stay healthy then it is important to maintain the cholesterol level in the body.

There are two types of cholesterol found in our body which are called good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Good cholesterol is considered very good for the body because it performs many functions. At the same time, bad cholesterol is considered very bad because it increases the risk of many diseases.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the risk of cholesterol increases significantly due to many diseases, your lifestyle, and your family history. However, by controlling some things, you can reduce the risk of cholesterol.

Cholesterol increases due to saturated fat – The CDC believes that for people who consume foods containing saturated fat, and trans fat, the risk of increasing cholesterol levels is much higher. Saturated and trans fat is included in many things like- Ghee, Butter, Cake, Meat, biscuits, Cheese, etc. All these things greatly increase the risk of heart disease.

People who do not exercise – If you want to live a healthy life, then for that it is necessary that you exercise 20 minutes daily. If you do not exercise or do not engage in any kind of physical activity, then the amount of cholesterol in your blood starts increasing. The CDC believes that obesity can also increase cholesterol levels.

Smokers are at risk- Due to smoking, your blood cells start getting damaged and fat starts accumulating in them. Good cholesterol also starts decreasing in the body due to smoking.

Causes of Familial Hypercholesterolemia- Some people have to face the problem of hypercholesterolemia from birth. Due to the increasing bad cholesterol in the body, this problem starts at an early age. If it is not treated on time, it gets worse with age.

Age is also a reason – the risk of increasing cholesterol increases with age. As you age, your body becomes unable to separate cholesterol from the blood. After the age of 55, women have significantly lower levels of bad cholesterol than men.

High cholesterol: Bad cholesterol increases rapidly in the blood of these 5 types of people, can also cause heart attack

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