Health Tips: Know how to keep lungs healthy on World Lung Day 2022? These easy steps are very effective

The lungs are one of the parts most directly affected by the worldwide rise in pollution. Any issue affecting the lungs has the potential to interrupt oxygen delivery, which has systemic consequences. All of us are guilty of neglecting the health of this vital organ, which can lead to serious consequences.World Lung Day 2022

Doctors say, keeping in mind the increased risk of pollution, it is important to prioritize lung health. World Lung Day is celebrated every year on 25 September to make people aware of the measures to reduce the increasing number of diseases of the lungs and to maintain the health of this organ.
Health experts point out, our body has a natural defense system designed to protect the lungs, which helps protect the lungs from dirt and germs. Although the health of the lungs is getting affected due to many bad habits of our daily routine, which needs special attention of all the people. Let us know keeping in mind what things can help in keeping the lungs healthy.

Smoking is the enemy of the lungs 

According to a survey by the American Lung Association, smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your lungs. Cigarette smoking is the single most important risk factor for developing lung cancer and COPD (COPD). Tobacco smoke constricts airways, making it hard to breathe. Cigarette smoke can cause long-term harm to lung tissue and eventually lead to cancer. Fortunately, avoiding cigarette smoke can greatly lessen the likelihood of developing such issues.

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Pollution Essential Avoiding both indoor and outdoor pollution is considered essential for lung problems. In particular, doctors consider indoor pollution to be very harmful to the lungs. Doctors say, due to constant exposure to indoor air pollution, there can be a risk of many serious lung diseases about which all people should be careful. Maintain proper ventilation in the rooms.

Take measures to prevent

infection To keep the lungs healthy, it is also considered necessary to protect against infection. Recurrent colds or other respiratory infections can also sometimes be very serious. To avoid such problems, wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Keep taking preventive measures during the cold and flu season. Also take care of oral hygiene, the germs present in the mouth can also affect the health of the lungs in some situations.

Make a habit of regular exercise

Health experts say that people of all ages must include exercise in their routine. Make a habit of regular breathing exercises to keep the lungs healthy, it strengthens the lungs and can also prevent many types of health risks. Being physically active can help keep your lungs as well as other parts of the body healthy.

Health Tips: Know how to keep lungs healthy on World Lung Day 2022? These easy steps are very effective

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