Exercise Tips : Cardio isn’t necessary for a fitness routine; know which workouts to do.

Simple and Quick Cardio Exercise tips: It is important to include cardio in your fitness routine. Try these simple and quick exercises for cardio and upper body workouts.


Cardio is done before heavy workouts in the gym.This is a kind of warm-up that helps to open up your body completely.And if during exercise it reduces the problem of cramp or vein occlusion.However, some people do not know how to start cardio.So here from different experts know how to do cardio exercise-

1) 3 Cardio Workouts-Sherin Pujari, Full Time Personal Fitness Trainer during a conversation with HT told that Skipping, Step Up and Spot Jogging.Do all three exercises for 1 minute.This is a set in which you take a break for 30 seconds.Repeat 3-5 times.It is very fast, so while doing this your heart rate increases.


2) Barbell Bench Press-In this exercise you bring the bar down towards your chest.Then take the bar back upwards, this is a good exercise for the upper body.Just drive it until your arms are straight.Do drop-sets like reps of 16, 12, 8, 5, and 1.


3) Squats-This helps to increase your muscle strength and hypertrophy and fat loss and increase your bone density.

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4) Mix 3 exercises-Sherin Pujari has given a salad to set a mix of push, pull and crunch.
Push – push-ups, salutations, burpee
pulls – TRX pulls, pull-ups, grill pulls.
Crunch – Sit Ups, Mountain Climbers, Leg Raise.
Choose one of the push-pull crunch movements. and practice. Take a break of 1 minute. Repeat 3-5 sets.

Exercise Tips : Cardio isn’t necessary for a fitness routine; know which workouts to do.

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